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Woodridge Tree Farm

Well, please add (blog manager, blog master, blogger, or maybe just, writer) to my resume. Below, you will see a picture of what our trees look like at the moment. You know what is coming though, don't you? Some of you may be excited about autumn, and the coming (ugh) winter. Our four year old daughter exclaims exuberantly how much she loves "The Snow Time". I was born and raised in Ohio. I swear, I spent 6 hours at a time in the snow as a kid. I would sled and ice skate on our village park pond. I loved winter. Did you catch that past tense use of the word love? I spent 17 adult years out of Ohio, so now, I am forever spoiled. As much as I try, I can't love winter. I've tried to take a religious approach, "for everything there is a season", I've tried to be zen about it, "our little piece of earth is resting in a quiet, peaceful slumber, so as to burst forth with life when the sun whispers it awake"; Yeah, it doesn't work. My chest is actually tightening as I type, I don't like winter. Thank God for our small bit of joy in selling Christmas trees, it is a beautiful distraction; until January, ugh, chest tightening again. So, I have been talking to Mrs. Santa Claus and nailing down Santa's schedule for us this coming season. I really enjoyed Santa last year. He is a fine fellow in and out of the suit. I am planning on decorating our Santa Shack again. Anyone want to help? I'm serious about that by the way. We hope you enjoyed Santa last year and you will bring your friends this year. Remember to get your kiddos' pictures taken by our "How much have you grown" Christmas tree sign. Every year, you'll have a new picture to post on Facebook and your friends and family will be in shock over "how much they've grown in a year"! We are going to add family photo props to the entertainment lineup. Make sure you get silly family photos! We have also scored an old fashioned horse drawn sled! We have an Amish friend refurbishing it for us. I am so excited to see the finished product! Yet another opportunity for family photos! I plan to offer the special Christmas tree experience again. Last year, I only had one taker, but she said it was wonderful for her family, and (Um, I'm not surprised) my homemade sugar cookies and hot cocoa were AMAZING! If it makes one family happy, I will keep on offering the service. The romantic side of me still sees merit in the whole "popping the question in a tree field" opportunity as well. Hey, if you come up with your own fabulous idea, let me know, let's make it happen! We have thought about offering early hunting services. What do you think? It's still nice out, we have beautiful fall weather, it's a good time to take a drive. How about coming out and finding your tree now? We can supply you with a tag so later tree hunters will know "that beautiful tree over there, oh darn, is already spoken for". Contact me, let's do it! How can we make your Christmas tree finding/hunting experience better? What suggestions do you have for us? Please, let me know. We are pretty fortunate to have this winter gig. Roger sells nursery stock as our primary business, it is hard, dirty, physically demanding work. The Christmas tree sales are a nice break, and it's a lot of fun. Who isn't in a good mood when they go to find a Christmas tree right? You may not be thinking about Santa and Christmas trees yet, but it's on our minds, and it will be here before we know it (whether we like to admit it or not). Let me know if you need anything, or if you have questions. Contact me on Facebook, or check this website for our email address and phone number!

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